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Sustainiverse’s mission is to ensure the sustainability of our world for future generations, for all families.


We bring science and tech to NPOs, schools, and homes. We help build aquaponic cooperatives, promote computer programming, space, and genetic engineering, because with these sciences in the hands of youth at risk, physically challenged, or those living in poverty, they can dream and achieve better paying jobs.



Here you can learn about what we do, invest/donate in either the sustainability of your city or in the developing world. Contact us by the volunteer page if you want us to set up a program in your city. It only takes a couple hours a week to get a program rolling, so you too can help improve the sustainability of life for everyone.

You can also purchase goods made by people who have escaped slavery, or by people living below poverty in developing countries, and your purchase helps them receive a living wage. The more you invest in their products, the sooner our partner organisations can expand their operations, and we can bring more people out of slavery and poverty.

Why Aquaponics and agriculture as our first focus? People on average need the work of a farmer 3 times a day, while a doctor God willing just once in their life. It is the most sustainable form of agriculture, which can leverage unused walls/rooftops/courtyards/warehouses. Aquaponics requires 90% less water, 50% less energy (physical or oil), and no synthetic or man-made chemical pesticides or fertilisers, to produce 2-8x more produce per square area than soil-based agriculture.  The Aquaponic Source