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We are from the USA, though would prefer another name to the great nation since there are other countries part of North and South America, but that’s another story. We like to collaborate on projects with others, and believe strongly that only through teamwork can we achieve a better life for everyone. We are here […]

Science and curiosity

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Why you should share science videos before you share any sports, news, or music videos on social media. Even though chances are you won’t understand the majority of the underlying principles of how the science works, and even if a video explains it to you, you will most likely forget, it Share this, because even […]

The LearningWorks and Sustainiverse partnered this summer

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  The LearningWorks is known throughout central Israel and Jerusalem, the high-tech, and the English speaking community for their program teaching kids programming, science, entrepreneurship, robotics, and how to be better team members.   This past summer, Sustainiverse joined them to integrate sustainability education into their program. This included a little bit about the benefits […]