Who are we?


You might think we are individuals who are passionate for a better future, for change, for ideals, but in reality we are just part of a greater goal outside ourselves. We are not altruistic, we are symbiotic. We must recognize our place on the spectrum of life, just like we can physically see colors of the light spectrum. We must nurture our habitat to maximize our stay in it.

In order to succeed, there must be peace. We can't guarantee peace in households, but we can try to bring peace to neighborhoods and communities through teambuilding and cooperation; through teaching how to be sustainable, inspiring people to explore the mysteries of the universe, and aim for the stars because they can easily reach it in their life times with the right motivation.

Why we do it

Today's society is driven towards greed and not really in making it a better place for our future, or doesn't actively express it.  

At first we started with some positive recycling design elements... but what we really want to do is start community initiatives teaching holistic sustainability, entrepreneurship and leadership, and science and engineering; to make local hubs of renewal, providing jobs to all, especially people who are seemed unfit for the modern workforce, but they must have a passion to do good
So if you want to start a Sustainiverse hub in a city near you, please feel free to contact us soon.

Mission objectives:

  • To promote science, engineering,  sustainability, entrepreneurship and leadership education throughout all communities regardless of religion, economic or social status, or physical or cognitive ability to learn.

  • To empower effective leadership within all components of society, and in order to promote reuse and recycling to enhance and engage the lives of everyone.

  • To promote democracy and good governance and raise public awareness concerning the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship, as well as allow for the creative use of common spaces to be utilized for education and to grow food.

  • To influence policy and legislation to ensure logical safeguarding of civil and social rights and promote a free education for all

  • To bolster our capacity and capability to achieve our objectives and mission efficiently and effectively, through partnerships, inventions, and events worldwide.

Plan 1: Build vertical aquaponic and algae farms on roofs/windows/walls/courtyards of other NPOs, residential/commercial buildings, and share the profits with people in need.

Plan 2: Find more larger areas, such as warehouses that could be utilized for greenhouses, and expand to developing countries.

Join us today!