Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

It isn't just corporations that need to be responsible, it's their employees, and of course everyone, for their actions.

We are bringing opportunities to help create a more fair world, and to do that we need a more fair economic system. The only way to do that is for businesses to bring about more good to the world instead of just personal economical profit, but CSR programs, and to market B corporations or companies that offer their employees living wages.

By creating fair economies around the world, you are eliminating slavery, reducing negative environmental factors that aren't necessary, helping the community become self sustainable, and allowing people to follow their dreams, they can become future buyers, employees, or spokespeople.

And the biggest problem today are large NPOs and foundations, where the majority of their expenses go towards their own employees salaries. We aren't going to name anyone, you probably already know many cases, like the R*d Cr*ss but just post news articles here so you can read for yourself what happens around the world with your donations. 


Below you can purchase jewelry and clothes from a company that helps ex-trafficked women, Starfish-project.

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