Science and curiosity

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Why you should share science videos before you share any sports, news, or music videos on social media.

Even though chances are you won’t understand the majority of the underlying principles of how the science works, and even if a video explains it to you, you will most likely forget, it Share this, because even if the internet, phones, modern medicine, airplanes, etc aren’t intriguing enough for the youth today to want to learn more, maybe this is.
And not just think of the next app they can make on a phone, or game, if they even think of that, because though learning programming can help their chances of success in the future, and this is a lot better than focusing their lives on sports, there is just so much more to the world that we as humans don’t know.

We need to inspire the youth to explore the nature behind life more.

Just think, we know the DNA composition of over 4,500 viruses. We know there are millions of more virus species out there.

So share this video, here’s an easy link to copy+paste:

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