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We are from the USA, though would prefer another name to the great nation since there are other countries part of North and South America, but that’s another story.
We like to collaborate on projects with others, and believe strongly that only through teamwork can we achieve a better life for everyone. We are here on the world to open our hands to the less fortunate, to share the blessings and gifts we have to the disadvantaged, and many others share our beliefs.

But then there are organisations and people out there who say the same, but do other things. You know many of them to be some politicians, lawyers, some doctors, businessmen, etc.
It happens in every country, city, and neighbourhood.

And of course in Israel it happens too. A place that is surrounded by enemies and hypocritically under the spotlight for ‘wrongdoings’ whereof other countries around it that are killing christians and homosexuals, and not letting women enter politics, are perfectly fine and even allowed in the United Nations human rights council.

What’s even worse, is that between scientists there should be no conflict, besides constructive criticism, that science triumphs religion, country, or hatred.
But even in Israel, there can be scientists who turn a blind-eye on a neighbour. Even one who says they are researching something for the good of the world, who teach children to do the same, can also say ‘no we don’t want to work with other do-gooders.’

This happened to us.
We contact several organisations in Israel to expand science programs in schools, to educate youth at risk, etc.

One such organisation is called, who promote ‘revolutionary approach to battling malnutrition’, which isn’t even revolutionary at all since the UN said in the 1970’s Spirulina can battle malnutrition, and they deny us without a reason.
They say ‘No we don’t want to partner with you’ after we tell them ‘we want kids in every school to learn about algae, and grow Spirulina.’

Another organisation is called, who want to freely give out education in aquaponics. They were rude on the phone when we asked about how we can work together, and never followed up to an email we sent.

The final organisation we will mention is Kayamuta, which is a play on words between NPO and sustainability. They have access to a rooftop in the center of Jerusalem, where they are growing a small amount of vegetables and plants in buckets. We ask them to use another small area to build an aquaponic system and they say no. Another guy has a few different bee hives and has workshops up there. But no aquaponics for us.

Makes us question the motives these people have saying they want to do good to the world… is it a selfish ego? We have no other answer.
You can tell us your thoughts and opinions in a comment.
And if you are with an organisation or not, and want to work together, let us know. We make it our goals to help people all over the world (and someday universe), and organisations, to improve life.
Many blessings.

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