Want Peace? To ensure the Earth is more sustainable for others?

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Most of our readers are probably living in modern society, a developed nation or perhaps somewhere in Africa or India, and live life easily.
One of the biggest things you can do today to help ensure the safety for the human race is be an advocate against illegal drug use. We aren’t taking sides in whether or not you should use drugs, because we do believe God created everything on the world to leverage moderately that does not impair good judgement, and you don’t really need any drugs at all to have fun, or ‘escape from reality.’ but at the same time you can also be an advocate for natural drugs legally if you wanted to be.

We aren’t saying drugs are good and should be used or abused, but societies around the world are really messing up the world for the less fortunate due to their horrible drug policies. The reason we say this is that most of the people who benefit from the sale of illegal drugs are terrorists and international crime lords, who usually murder others and employ slaves.

Whether it’s crime lords in Mexico/central/south america who make hundreds of millions of dollars weekly in the sales of cocaine, or terrorists in parts of Africa or Afghanistan who farm opium, when you purchase these illegal drugs you are also pretty much funding the murder of innocent people in other parts of the world, helping sex slaves live a life in ruin, and these sex slaves are usually between the ages of 6 and 20, and it can’t get much worse than that.

So we humbly advise you to not do hard drugs if you can avoid it and inform your friends against it. If you really are addicted, petition your local government to decriminalize it and allow a medical business to maintain the production and distribution of it.
And spread the word, to ensure the sustainability of the world for all.
Many blessings.

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